Cover & Correct with glo minerals

Cover & Correct with glo minerals

glo minerals offers advanced mineral makeup that helps cover, correct and protect. This month we are focusing on the cover and correct part of that equation by featuring several different concealing options: Camouflage Oil Free, Brightener Highlight Concealer and our Corrective Camouflage Kit. Each of these products not only helps camouflage unwanted pigmentation, but the ingredients actually help your skin heal.

Camouflage Oil Free
If you are looking to camouflage blemishes, scarring, hyperpigmentation or any other unwanted discoloration, than Camouflage Oil Free is a must-have for your makeup bag. This oil-free formula delivers rich pigments to help conceal discoloration while clinically advanced ingredients help treat your skin and improve its condition.  

Brightener Highlight Concealer
This easy-to-use pen is ideal for those of us with fine lines and dark circles around the eye area. After the moisturizing and brightening formula is dispensed from the applicator, apply Brightener Highlight Concealer anywhere you want to brighten and conceal - leaving your skin with a glowing luminescence!  

Corrective Camouflage Kit
From bruises and tattoos to blemishes and hyperpigmentation, the Corrective Camouflage Kit can help you cover it all using color theory. Simply select the appropriate shade of camouflage then apply this sheer formula to expertly neutralize and conceal discoloration. In addition, its exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract help maintain skin’s healthy radiance.