Benefits of Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell

Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell, found in Cyto-luxe Toning Mist, replenishes critical moisture to help maintain water content within the epidermis, restore skin’s protective barrier and prevent dehydration. It contributes to the creation of lipids within the uppermost layers of the epidermis to keep skin cells together, providing better protection against damage and reducing water loss.

It’s easy to underestimate the need for properly hydrated skin, but there are so many things that depend on it. Lipids help to keep skin cells together and maintain water content, so their vital to protecting the skin. Because of its hydrating and protecting properties, Papyrus Leaf helps rebuild the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and reinforces skin’s natural barrier. When used on the skin, your skin will feel refreshed, soft and supple.

Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell Clinical Study

Clinical Study: Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell

In a clinical study, users experienced both an increase in water retention and a decrease in water transfer. If you’re able to hold onto more water, then you’ll lose less of it as well. There was a 28% increase in water retention 15 minutes after application and a 29% decrease in water loss. After 30 minutes, there was a 33% increase in water retention and water loss was decreased to 27%. An hour after application there’s an ever greater reduction in water loss, down to 24%, demonstrating the improvement in the skin's ability to hold onto water after a single application.

Cyto-luxe Toning Mist

Cyto-luxe Toning Mist, a deeply hydrating, cooling toner, refreshes the skin and helps prevent water loss by reinforcing skin's protecting barrier with key plant actives. After using the toner, the skin is better prepared to receive the benefits of your serum and moisturizer.

In addition to Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell, this formulation also includes anti-inflammatory Cucumber and hydrating Coconut Water. Cucumber is known to relieve skin irritation, reduce puffiness and relieve skin from dehydration. Cyto-luxe Toning Mist also includes Dermatein® HyA Mini, a powerful hydrator with a molecular size smaller than Hyaluronic Acid. It penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin and creates a plumping effect. Dermatein® HyA Mini can also be found in Cyto-luxe Light Moisture and Cyto-luxe Hydration+.

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