Day to Date Night Makeup Tutorial

A soft neutral eye that’s perfect for everyday wear is an essential go-to look to add to your makeup know-how, especially for those days when you’re running out the door and need a five minute face. Now, master taking that look from day to date night, and you’ve got yourself two holy grail makeup looks.

Daytime Makeup

We created these two looks using the Elemental Eye Collection, an eight shadow palette of warm and cool neutrals. Your basic daytime eye makeup should accentuate your eyes without appearing too dramatic. For the lid, try something brightening, like a shimmering taupe or light peach. To add subtle dimension and shape your eyes, blend a soft brown or nude shade through the crease. Warm up the look with a warm neutral along the lower lashline.
  1. Apply breathless to the lid and inner corner using the Eye Definer Brush
  2. Blend adobe and henna in the crease using the Eye Blender Brush
  3. Apply adobe to the lower lashline using the Crease Brush
  4. Coat the lashes with Volumizing Mascara in black. 

Date Night Makeup

Almost any day look can be amped up for night in just a few, easy steps. Start by deepening the crease and lower lashline with a medium brown shade. Intensify the lashline by layering a cool, grey-taupe along the lower lashline and softly blending out the edges. Glam things up and smoke it out by adding a soft, matte black to the outer corners and blending into the crease.

  1. Starting with the daytime makeup look as your base, apply henna to the crease and lower lashline using the Crease Brush. 
  2. Apply dusk to the lower lashline using the Smudge Brush, blending as you go. 
  3. Apply eclipse to the outer corner and crease with the Crease Brush and blend the edges with the Eye Blender Brush.

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