The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide: What to Use, When and Why

The Ultimate Brush Guide: What to Use, When and Why

Makeup Brushes Are Important to Achieving the Look You Want

Brushes can make a big difference in how makeup looks on your skin – especially when using mineral makeup. You can achieve various levels of coverage depending on the hair material, brush density and your application technique.

Dense brushes usually provide heavier coverage while loosely packed brushes give a lighter application and sheer color, so you can control your foundation coverage by picking a different brush. Same with your blush color! If you like a sheer wash of color, try a brush with loosely packed bristles.

The Differences in Materials and Type of Brush Make a Difference

Natural hair brushes used to be the brushes of choice because they were thought to have the best powder application properties. But as materials evolve, we at glo minerals have found that many synthetic brushes can now hold on to powder products with the best of them. Plus, synthetic tends to be the preferred choice for those with allergies and it’s much easier to clean.

If you’re unsure where to start your makeup brush collection, try beginning with a few must-have essentials: a contour brush, a synthetic foundation brush, a brow brush, a dense powder brush, and a light blush brush. A brow brush can always double as eyeliner, and vice versa.

Don’t Skip Out On Makeup Brush Care

Taking proper care of your brushes is the best way to make them last. Clean the bristles at least once every two weeks to keep them free of bacteria. Wash the bristles only, keeping the wood handle and ferrule dry to prolong the life of your brush, then reshape and lay flat to dry. Between washes, use an alcohol-based brush cleaner to prevent color build up and sanitize between uses.

You found the best mineral makeup with glo minerals, now you have the right tools!

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